Introducing the Oke

Gardening APP!


A new tool to give kids a hand with growing veggies

The Oke Gardening App was developed to help kids learn what happens each week via a digital veggie garden, while their seedlings grow in real time.

  • Help kids learn what is happening in their real garden
  • STEM & cultural weekly challenges
  • Weekend gardening activities for the whole family

Download the free “Oke Gardening APP” today on Apple or Google App stores.


This app was designed to use alongside a garden of your own, giving you an idea on what the growing looks like below ground as well as above.

The Oke App is brought to you by the Oke Charity, who build school gardens in the real world! Oke will help you to grow your digital garden and you can show Oke how your school/home garden is growing!