29TH MAY 2021

Sylvia Park School Working Bee

Oke Working Bee #17 @ Sylvia Park School and what a day! This is an amazing school which just needed a hand bringing their outdoor classroom back to life and I think we achieved it. We had an amazing crew of volunteers once more, which included @onetakekate and @bexthebuilder, who volunteered through our Instagram account. We once again amazed a Principal with what can be done in just one day, with a bunch of amazing and willing folk. Thanks as always to our foundation partners @dolenewzealand @5adaynz and @kingsplantbarnnz who also bought along volunteers to plant the trees which they donated. And of course our epic suppliers, without whom we couldn’t do this within our $10k budget and we’re very pleased to welcome Brustic to this group. We have to mention MEXICO who held a fundraiser for us back in March/April, which funded the epic new fence which was installed.