saturday 29th july 2023

Al-Madinah School Working Bee

Oke Al-Madinah School-10013
Oke Al-Madinah School-10015
Oke Al-Madinah School-10023
Oke Al-Madinah School-10034
Oke Al-Madinah School-10050
Oke Al-Madinah School-10054
Oke Al-Madinah School-10079
Oke Al-Madinah School-10080
Oke Al-Madinah School-10101
Oke Al-Madinah School-10103
Oke Al-Madinah School-10110
Oke Al-Madinah School-10117


On Saturday 29th July we built school garden #33 at Al-Madinah School in Mangere. It was such a fun build and we welcomed to the school by an amazing speech from the head boy. The students at Al-Madinah did a great job assembling the Birdies Raised Beds ahead of the working bee. The volunteers headed over to the local park to collect green waste for the base of the beds and then filled up with Daltons Garden Mix. The Morrifield tunnel house was built, along with shelved installed into the Garys Garden Shed. Once again, a great effort from all our volunteers. 🌱❤️