saturday 4th may 2024

Ōrākei Primary Working Bee

Oke Orakei School-10003
Oke Orakei School-10028
Oke Orakei School-10083
Oke Orakei School-10056
Oke Orakei School-10102
Oke Orakei School-10062
Oke Orakei School-10043
Oke Orakei School-10023
Oke Orakei School-10105
Oke Orakei School-10110

On Saturday 4th May, Oke built outdoor classroom #42 at Ōrākei Primary School. This was our build in Central Auckland, adding yet another first for 2024. Once again we installed Birdies raised beds into the space (we’ve now installed over 200 Birdies beds), as well as a tunnel house, shed and shelving in both the shed and tunnel house. The shed was filled with tools and wheelbarrow. Plus our fit crew of volunteers a huge mound of Daltons magical garden mix. The Oke Crew were joined on the day by a great bunch of volunteers from the school. This build was made possible through funding received from Ōrākei Local Board.