saturday 9th september 2023

Orini Combined School Working Bee

On Saturday 9th September we built school garden #35 at Orini Combined School. As you may or may not know, “oke” is the Māori word for the oak tree, as well as meaning to strive, fight for, battle for, keep going (which is kind of apt when dealing with gardens and the weather we’ve been having). In November 2022, there was a certain oak tree at Orini Combined School, which was uprooted during a storm and crashed through a classroom and destroyed it! Fortunately, this happened over a weekend and no-one was hurt. Well, we couldn’t have this old oak tree give us a bad name, so I got in touch with the Principal, Chrissy Wakeman and asked if Oke Charity could support the school with a new school garden. Thanks to a grant from GrainCorp, we had our first Waikato working bee🌱❤️